Sumi-e is an art form which uses only ink, water and rice paper. The most important characteristics are: unaffected, simplified and clearly expressed. Ink painting is an ancient eastern art. There are different schools which use different techniques. The technique which is used in this course is ‘mokkotsu’ (Japanese term), whereby no contours are used. A wet, ink-filled pencil is applied directly to the paper to give form to the subject. Colour is sometimes also used. In this course, other pictorial aspects are brought to light, such as: Contrast, (soft/hard, light/dark) and composition.

Nature is used as the primary subject: A rough branch with delicate blossom, leaves, flowers and whatever the season provides us. However, portraits, landscapes and animals are also suitable subjects for this painting technique. No experience of drawing or painting is necessary.

We borrow the energy and qualities of the subject, to give expression to our experiences. The central theme of this course is to discover and to recognise our creative force, by using nature as a binding element to integrate with our inexhaustible creativity. 


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